Where can I find the ICCID number from my eSIM?

Where can I find the ICCID number from my eSIM?

The ICCID Number stands for “Integrated Circuit Card ID”, and  is a 19 or 20 digit number that starts with 89XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. The ICCID is a unique identifier for circuit cards, such as eSIM, SIM cards, credit cards, and national identification cards.

It can be found in the original email we sent you with the Red Bull MOBILE eSIM QR code.

It can also be found in the emails we sent you when you purchased a data plan for your destination.

You can also always retrieve it in your device’s settings:

On iOS

Go to Settings > General > About/ Information > scroll all the way down to the “ICCID” field. (Only ICCID for active eSIMs are displayed)

On Android

Go to Settings > About phone > SIM Status. The ICCID will be displayed.

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