Unlimit your travels

With Red Bull MOBILE you can roam the world, surfing like a local


How it works

Red Bull MOBILE Data is an app-based data plan for travelers. With the use of eSIM, it allows you to surf from anywhere around the globe. Whether you’re sightseeing, base jumping, climbing, or in fact surfing.

That means you never again have to worry about running out of data when you need it the most or unexpected fees and invoices.


Freeing your phone means freedom for you

Red Bull MOBILE gives you data packages wherever you’re going. Without complicated data plans, you can focus on the important part of traveling – your own experiences.

Let your phone do double duty

There’s no reason to change the things you’re already comfortable with. Thanks to eSIM, Red Bull MOBILE works in addition to your ordinary data plan. Imagine your phone having two SIM cards, but one is an app.

For future destinations

Many modern phones already support the eSIM capability. With more on their way, it’s safe to say that the eSIM is going places. And with it, we as travelers will as well.


Stop worrying about roaming costs. It’s risk-free, you spend only the available data. Experience a new way of carefree traveling – affordable data wherever you go.

Connected Worldwide

Red Bull MOBILE Data is available for over 100 countries

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