How can I save data usage on my iOS device?

How can I save data usage on my iOS device?

Turn cellular data and roaming off, or decide which apps and services use cellular data, see cellular data usage, and set other cellular data options.

If your iOS device is connected to the internet via a cellular data network, an icon identifying the cellular network appears in your status bar.

If your Cellular Data is turned off, all data services—including email, web browsing, and push notifications—will work on Wi-Fi only. If Cellular Data is on, carrier charges may apply if you use certain features and services that transfer data, such as Maps and Messages.

You can reduce cellular usage to avoid automatic updates and background tasks if not connected to WiFi, or turn Data Roaming off to avoid connecting to a cellular network not covered by your carrier’s network to avoid roaming charges.

Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options, then choose your option.

Depending on your iOS device, region, and carrier, you could also turn Voice Roaming off to avoid charges from another carrier’s network. That way, if your network isn’t available, your iOS device won’t have cellular service.

Set cellular data use for specific apps and services that can use cellular data. That way, if you accidentally try to use that app, it will only connect if you are using WiFi.

Go to Settings > Cellular, then turn Cellular Data to off for any app (i.e. navigation apps) that can use cellular data.

On iPhones, Wi-Fi Assist is on by default. If your Wi-Fi connection is poor, Wi-Fi Assist automatically switches to cellular data to boost the signal. WiFi Assist will keep you connected to the internet using cellular data when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection, which may incur additional charges depending on your data plan.

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