Are there any disadvantages to eSIMs
March 30, 2024

Are there any disadvantages to eSIMs

So – are eSIMs really that good, or are there any disadvantages with eSIM, and if so, what are they? 

Most likely you have already heard about the benefits that eSIMs bring about especially in the areas of convenience and flexibility. But, are eSIMs really all that good and without any disadvantages? There are some potential downsides but they might not matter to you.

eSIM offers you not only cost and environmental benefits, you can also activate the eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE directly on your device without having to purchase an expensive add-on data plan from your cell phone provider. In order to install an eSIM you need to check if your system is compatible. 

Not all devices are eSIM compatible

The primary disadvantage of eSIM is that you need an eSIM-compatible device; but not all devices are eSIM-compatible.

While most of the newer devices are eSIM-compatible, older devices might not be able to support eSIMs.

eSIM-compatibility could also depend on other factors like manufacturer and device origin. For example, while most of the newer smartphone models are eSIM-compatible, if you purchased a smartphone from Hong Kong or China, your device might not be eSIM compatible.

And even if your device is eSIM-compatible, if your local carrier does not provide eSIM support for your specific model, you will not be able to download an eSIM.

eSIM are not transferable 

When you purchase and download an eSIM data plan ( installing an eSIM), your are downloading the details of your eSIM data plan to your smartphone, similar to downloading a piece of software.

That said, the eSIM and the eSIM profile are associated with your device. Unlike a physical SIM card, where you can simply remove the card and insert it into a new device, you can’t do that with an eSIM. It is not possible for you to remove the eSIM from your current device and add it to another device, and expect it to continue working. 

If you are using an eSIM and you need to change phones, you will have to contact your local phone provider to enquire how to transfer your eSIM, if that’s even possible.

While Android and iOS have eSIM transfer tools, not all carriers allow an eSIM transfer. Make sure to confirm with your provider if they allow you to transfer your eSIM, and how to go about it.

What about safety/data usage/battery usage with eSIM?

Because the data plan is downloaded through an app, some people might think that eSIMs also result in other disadvantages like more battery or data usage, or slower speed and downloads, but these are not true.

The use of eSIM inherently does not result in slower network speed or bad connections. It also does not use more battery or more data.

eSIM are not less secure than your traditional physical SIM cards. An eSIM can’t be lost, like an actual SIM card, it can’t be cloned, or swapped. 

Traveling with eSIM

The benefits of purchasing an eSIM for your travels will greatly outweigh the disadvantages. 

Most of the disadvantages of eSIM are not relevant in the context of travel. While traveling, it is unlikely that you will be switching phones or devices throughout your trip; so you won’t have to worry about swapping your eSIM from one device to another.

Most important is that your device is eSIM-compatible so that you will be able to use an eSIM while traveling. Keep reading and we will guide you through the steps on how to check if your system is eSIM compatible. 

With the use of eSIM you can add data to your existing local data plan and roam around the world and avoid high roaming costs. eSIM offers you not only cost and environmental benefits, you can also activate the eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE directly on your device without having to purchase an expensive add-on data plan from your cell phone provider. 

In addition, with the use of eSIM you no longer have to swap out multiple SIM cards if you want  to change plans. You can simply do that in your settings, directly on your device. 

With an eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE you will be covered in over 100 countries and never have to worry about running out of data.

Your physical/local SIM card will stay connected and your Red Bull MOBILE eSIM will too — they work simultaneously. You can select which of the two SIMs you want to use for data connectivity in your settings.

You can switch between different subscription profiles on your device by simply selecting the desired profile in the device’s settings. This change can be made without a physical SIM card swap.

This is a data-only plan, so there’s no need for a new phone number.

eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE

In order to install the eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE,  you will need to see if your device is eSim compatible. You can check if your smartphone is supported by looking it up in Settings:

iOS devices: Go to Settings > Mobile Data or Cellular Data, if you have the Add Mobile Plan or Add Data Plan option, your iPhone supports eSIMs.

Supported devices include iPhone XS, XR and newer models.

Android devices: Go to Settings > Connections > SIM card manager. If you have the “Add mobile plan” option, your smartphone supports eSIMs.

The majority of newer Android smartphones are supported including the Samsung Galaxy S20 or newer models, Google Pixel 3 or newer models, Huawei P40 and many more.

Once you have checked if your system is compatible with eSIM you will need to download the Red Bull MOBILE Data app to purchase and set up your eSIM.

When you have downloaded the app from Red Bull MOBILE, you will then need to set up your profile. After you have completed that step, click on the + sign on the bottom of the screen, and search for the country you want to purchase more data in. You will also have the option to purchase data for the European Union if you know you might be traveling within the EU and need to use that data in several EU countries. Data Packages are available in over 100 countries.

Once you select which country you want to purchase data for, you can use the slider below the picture and select from 1GB all the way up to 10GB. In addition, the first 100MB are completely free of charge!

After your purchase is completed, just follow the prompts, finish your set-up and you will be able to use your data immediately.

With the additional data you will be able to stay in touch with family & friends, share your pictures and impressions, or stay connected via email, WhatsApp, chats and social postings. 

The eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE is very easy to use, but if you have questions or experience technical issues you can reach us by email or our 24 hour chat support on our website. We’re here to help.

When you’ve used up 80% of your data, we’ll let you know — so you won’t get stuck without any data. You’ll get another notification once your data has finally run out.

Using eSIM with the Red Bull MOBILE Data App for roaming offers several advantages compared to traditional physical SIM cards or expensive add-on plans. Data roaming has become much easier, more efficient and cost-effective with the use of eSIM. 

If you purchase an eSIM for a trip, download the app and activate your eSIM before you start your adventure and have instant internet connection the moment you arrive at your destination. This way you can stay connected wherever you might head!


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