Travelling to Johannesburg with the eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE
March 21, 2024

Travelling to Johannesburg with the eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE

Founded by the British in the 19th century, Johannesburg began as a gold-mining settlement and evolved into South Africa’s biggest city and capital of Gauteng province.

Johannesburg, also affectionately known by the locals as Joburg or Jozi, is located in the eastern highlands of South Africa and sits at an altitude of 1,753 meters above sea level, characterized by a very dry climate. It is a great location for stopover flights to Cape Town, Durban, and Kruger National Park for an amazing Safari. The best time to travel to Johannesburg is between May and September, as it is their winter time with less rain.

The five official languages spoken in the area of Johannesburg are isiZulu, Sesotho, Setswana, English and Afrikaans, with almost everyone using English.

Johannesburg’s International Airport, Tambo International Airport (JNB), was established in 1952 and is also one of the few airports worldwide that offer direct flights to all six continents. You can get to the city from the airport by taxi, bus, trains, or rental cars. Tray to avoid night flights, as airport shops and restaurants close early.

Places to Visit:

Soweto Town
If visiting or traveling through Johannesburg, you should stop at Soweto Town. You will have the opportunity to visit the Late President Nelson Mandela’s house, which was turned into a museum and tells a bit about the history of Apartheid.

Soweto also is home to the largest stadium in Africa, the FNB Stadium. It was renovated and expanded in 2009 ahead of the 2010 World Cup and has a capacity of 94,736.

Apartheid Museum
Located in Johannesburg, the Apartheid Museum is a place for those who want to learn the history of South Africa in general and Johannesburg in particular. Artifacts, films, and photos will provide a look into the historical period of the revolution against the apartheid. The Apartheid Museum is Non-Profit and is open to the public – free of charge.

Maboneng is a busy, bustling and colorful neighborhood with lots of different bars, restaurants, and cafes that offer beautiful impressions. It is best to experience Maboneng on a bicycle or on foot, to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the place that never sleeps.

Cradle of Humankind
This is a definite must-see during a trip to Johannesburg. It is located approximately 50 km northwest of Johannesburg, in the Gauteng province. The site is home to the largest concentration of human ancestral remains, and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

A trip to South Africa wouldn’t be complete without visiting a Park, where you can spot the sights of Elephants, Lions, Gazelles, lions, rhinos, or hippos.
You could book a guide at Pilanesberg National Park or visit Bothongo Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, or check out Kruger National Park.

eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE

While you are on your amazing trip you will want to share your pictures and impressions with family & friends, or need to stay connected via phone, email, chats and social postings.

With the use of eSIM you can roam around the world and avoid high roaming costs. You could purchase a physical SIM card in the country you are traveling to, but you need to find a location for a distributor. At the end of your trip you will most likely throw the SIM card away and generate more waste.

eSIM offers you not only cost and environmental benefits. You can activate eSIM directly on your device without having to drive to a store or wait for a SIM card to be mailed. You no longer have to figure out the correct SIM card size or struggle to insert it into the device.

With the use of eSIM you no longer have to swap out multiple SIM cards if you want to change plans. You can simply do that in your settings, directly on your device.

With an eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE you will be covered in over 60 countries and never have to worry about running out of data.

How does an eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE work and how do you get it?

First, check if your system is compatible with eSIM.

Download the Red Bull MOBILE Data app to see if your device is eSim compatible. You can also check if your smartphone is supported by looking up the settings:

iOS devices: Go to Settings > Mobile Data or Cellular Data, if you have the Add Mobile Plan or Add Data Plan option, your iPhone supports eSIMs.

Supported devices include iPhone XS, XR and newer models

Android devices: Go to Settings > Connections > SIM card manager. If you have the “Add mobile plan” option, your smartphone supports eSIMs.

The majority of newer Android smartphones are supported including the Samsung Galaxy S20 or newer models, Google Pixel 3 or newer models, Huawei P40 and many more.

Once you have checked if your system is compatible you will then set up your eSIM.

Start the app and follow the instructions to set up an eSIM on your smartphone.

After your eSIM is set up you will select your destination and your bundle.

Choose the plan that suits you best and buy your eSIM card directly in the app. The first 100MB are completely free of charge!

When your plan is activated you can roam the world and surf like a local.

Your physical SIM will stay connected and your Red Bull MOBILE eSIM will too — they work simultaneously. You can select which of the two SIMs you want to use for data connectivity in your settings.

You can switch between different subscription profiles on your device by simply selecting the desired profile in the device’s settings. This change can be made without a physical SIM card swap.

This is a data-only plan, so there’s no need for a new phone number.

The eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE is very easy to use, but if you have questions or experience technical issues you can reach us by email or our 24 hour chat support on our website. We’re here to help.

When you’ve used up 80% of your data, we’ll let you know — so you won’t get stuck without any data. You’ll get another notification once your data has finally run out.

Using eSIM with the Red Bull MOBILE Data App for roaming offers several advantages compared to traditional physical SIM cards. Data roaming has become much easier, more efficient and cost-effective with the use of eSIM.

Download the app and activate your eSIM before you start your trip and have instant internet connection the moment you arrive at your destination. This way you can stay connected on your trip through South Africa!


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