Can I use my phone number with a data-only eSIM
July 7, 2023

Can I use my phone number with a data-only eSIM

eSIM offers greater flexibility and convenience for users, especially for those who frequently travel internationally or switch between different network providers. Instead of dealing with physical SIM cards and the hassle of swapping them, you can simply choose and activate the desired profile from the available options on your eSIM-enabled device.

We all know roaming charges can add up quickly and are very expensive if not covered by your local plan. You might be able to connect to a local WiFi network while traveling but there’s no guarantee of security while you use that network and/or there might be bad connectivity. 

A data-only eSIM provides your device with the data it needs to connect to the internet, but it will not provide a phone number you can use for phone calls.

The easiest way to make phone calls with a data-only eSIM card, you’ll need to use a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service or an app that supports making calls over the internet. Here’s a general guide on how to make phone calls using a data-only eSIM card:

Check eSIM compatibility: Ensure that your device supports eSIM functionality and that your carrier or service provider offers data-only eSIM plans that allow voice calls over the internet.

Obtain a data-only eSIM: Download a data-only eSIM card from the RedBull MOBILE app. They will provide you with the necessary activation details to install the eSIM on your device.

Set up the eSIM: Go to the settings of your device and find the eSIM section. Choose the option to add a new eSIM and follow the on-screen instructions to scan the QR code or enter the activation details provided by your carrier.

Install a VoIP app: Visit your device’s app store (such as the Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and download a VoIP app that supports making calls over the internet. Popular options include WhatsApp, Skype, Google Voice, or apps provided by your carrier.

Configure the VoIP app: Once the app is installed, open it and sign in or create an account if necessary. Follow any setup instructions specific to the app, such as verifying your phone number or granting necessary permissions.

Make calls: With the eSIM and VoIP app set up, you can now make phone calls over the internet. Open the VoIP app and use its dialer or contact list to select the person you want to call. Ensure you have an active internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or cellular data, for the VoIP app to work.

You can also use your main phone number with a data-only eSIM but you need to understand the difference between roaming and data roaming charges. We will explain the difference between using your phone number on vacation while roaming with your usual phone plan and sim card, versus using your phone number while traveling with a data-only eSIM.

Making calls using your regular phone plan: You are traveling outside your data plan and you don’t make any changes in your settings. Most likely your roaming settings are on so you’re connected at all times. You can make and receive phone calls during your trip. The phone call itself might not be that expensive (your regular carrier will charge by the minute), but the roaming charges will be high because your phone has to connect to an international network the whole time. Definitely check with your local plan to avoid expensive roaming charges while traveling or purchase the RedBull MOBILE eSIM to make phone calls, text, stay connected and surf the internet.

Making calls using your data-only eSIM: With the RedBull MOBILE eSIM data plan  you can keep your regular phone number fully accessible for roaming. Your data-only eSIM will keep your phone connected to available networks so you can call and text. eSIMs are prepaid and you’re relying on eSIM for all data, therefore you will not pay any roaming charges.

How to use your phone number with a data-only eSIM:

In your Settings turn Data Roaming off under your primary SIM card to avoid roaming charges from your home provider, while traveling outside your network plan. 

Select your eSIM plan and select Data Roaming on. This allows you to connect to local networks.

BE AWARE: Your home carrier will not charge you for data roaming as long as you are connected through your eSIM plan but they can still charge for incoming calls and texts. The charges will be lower but you should check with your local plan provider before traveling.

Additional considerations: Keep in mind that making phone calls over the internet consumes data from your data-only eSIM plan. Be aware of any data limits or charges associated with your plan. Additionally, while VoIP calling is generally reliable, call quality may vary depending on your internet connection.

Remember to consult your carrier or service provider for specific instructions on using their data-only eSIM and any recommended VoIP apps they may support.


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