Do Cell Phones Work On Cruise Ships
May 29, 2024

Do Cell Phones Work On Cruise Ships

The short answer is Yes – with caution! As soon as your cell phone connects to a cellular signal, either on board or in certain ports, and you don’t have an international roaming plan in place, you most likely will end up with a very high phone bill. 

You could turn off data roaming but if you still plan to use your cell phone for text messages and voice calls, you still need to check with your cell phone provider if the countries you visit during your cruise are part of your cell phone plan. Again, if the countries are not part of your plan your text messages and voice calls will cost you a lot more!

While WiFi is another option, it could be slow or the connection might be spotty. Some ports offer free WiFi, not all open WiFi’s are secure and you might be one of hundreds, if not thousands of other cruise passengers, trying to connect to the same WiFi signal.

Cruise ships offer internet packages, some starting at $20/day and on some cruise lines you must purchase the package for the full length of your cruise. If you want a one-time 24-hour internet pass, it will be even more expensive. There are different plan options, such as video calls and social media only, or full packages to include streaming movies and music. Each cruise ship company has their own plans and packages, check ahead of time to compare options. 

If this sounds way too expensive or too complicated, keep on reading because here comes the great news!!

Red Bull MOBILE now offers data plans on certain cruise lines in addition to onshore plans. You won’t need to rely on spotty internet connections, or slow downloads on your cruise ship. You will enjoy a seamless internet connection for work or leisure with a Telenor Maritime package. Make the most of your cruise by staying connected with the internet on your cruise and your cell phone. Red Bull MOBILE is simple and hassle free roaming for affordable prices.

No bill shock, just prepaid.

How does it work?

It works with an eSIM from Red Bull MOBILE and Telenor Maritime.

Red Bull MOBILE is an app-based data plan for travelers. With the use of eSIM, it allows you to surf from anywhere around the globe. Whether you’re sightseeing, base jumping, climbing, or in fact cruising.

That means you never again have to worry about running out of data for your internet connection on your cruise ship when you need it the most or unexpected fees and invoices.

All you have to do is download the App, register, search for – or scroll down to – the Telenor Maritime option, and purchase a Telenor Maritime package. Please note, the Telenor Maritime package will work on cruise ships and ferries only! To purchase a land package please select the destination where you travel to.

Currently, we offer two Telenor Maritime packages for your cruise vacation:

250MB valid for 30 days     € 5.-

1GB valid for 30 days           € 15.-

In order to ensure proper functionality, you should purchase and install the eSIM before you board your cruise ship. You will need a steady internet connection to set up your data plan, therefore it would be advisable to have your plan set up where you have a strong internet signal. The packages are valid for 30 days after activation. When you’ve used up 80% of your data, we’ll let you know — so you won’t get stuck without any data. You’ll get another notification once your data has finally run out.

In the Red Bull MOBILE App you will also see how much data you have already used.

Where does the Telenor Maritime package work?

The Telenor Maritime package currently works on many ships and ferries; get a full list of all vessels by clicking HERE to search for a cruise ship or ferry.

You should switch off data roaming for your primary SIM card to avoid roaming charges. Since streaming movies, videos and TV shows use a lot of data, it is advisable to download these ahead of time to minimize data usage.

Get the Red Bull MOBILE Data App now and be the first to experience the most convenient way of staying connected with your cell phone while cruising.


Get the Red Bull MOBILE Data App now

and be the first to experience the most convenient way of staying connected while traveling.