Transfer eSIM From Old Phone To New Phone

Transfer eSIM From Old Phone To New Phone

In order for you to be able to transfer your existing eSIM from your old phone to your new phone, or to another mobile phone, you must completely delete the eSIM by deleting the App on the old mobile phone.

Please note, unfortunately, iPhones do not always delete the entire eSIM/App but still retain some data so that reinstallation is easier. If this is the case with your iPhone, you would have to reset your iPhone completely. Remember – when you reset a cell phone, you lose everything that was on the mobile phone! That includes your contacts, SMS, calendar, saved data, notes, etc.. If resetting your iPhone is your only option, make sure to back up your phone before resetting it.

As soon as the eSIM/App on the old mobile phone has been deleted, install the App on the new mobile phone and you can immediately start installing the eSIM by logging in to your account. Your data packages will not be lost as long as you log in with your same account information. You will only lose your data by completely deleting your account within the App. Deleting an account does not work by uninstalling the App. Deleting the App still keeps your account active, unless you delete the actual account withing the App.

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